Machu Picchu Overview

group machu picchuThe ulitmate destination of any traveler to South America is unquestionably Machu Picchu. This lost city of the Incas never fails to amaze visitors no matter how many pictures they have seen. Half of the wonder of this ancient city is its incredible architecture and mystery of its purpose – the other half is the mystical, secluded setting of these well-preserved ruins. Until 1911 when discovered by Hiram Bingham, Machu Picchu was a myth that many explorers and Spanish conquistadors tried, but failed to find. Upon seeing this site, you will understand why it remained prestine and untouched by the Spanish as it is completely hidden until you come up the hill from the valley below. Machu Picchu is truely a great city, it features an urban sector with residential, religious and commercial areas, as well as an agricultural sector that surely fed the city. Visitors can get lost in the time of the Incas for hours exploring the narrow streets and masterfully constructed buildings. To get an unbeatable view of this sprawling citadel, hike Huanya Picchu, a moutain overlooking the site and with a panoramic view of the surrounding peaks and valleys dipping into the lush cloud forest.