Excursion to Maras and Moray – 4 Hours

After breakfast, you will be picked up and brought to the beautiful town of Maras. Here, you will enjoy the typical small-town architecture of the region and visit the adobe church whose interior was saved from the Cusco School paintings. After Maras, we continue onto Moray, the amazing archeaological sites that are unique to our region. These large natural depressions in the ground were used to help construct the contours or farming terraces and irrigation canals. Then, we move on to the incredible salt mines of Moray. This is truely an astonishing view, as a huge hill side is covered with basins filled with salt. For centuries, the locals have used a salt laden spring coming from the mountain to fill the basins and therefore extract the salt. The view from here, including the basins themselves, is unbeatable and makes for great photography opportunities.

Tour Price Per Person: $25.00

Entrance Tickets Per Person: $8.00 approx.

Total Price Per Person: $33.00 approx.

Our price includes: English-speaking tour guide, a tourist bus, and pick up and drop off within Cusco